Who Do You Call?

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Desirée Rogers, a longtime friend of the Obamas and the incoming White House social secretary . http://tinyurl.com/b2dhoy
Now that one email address I sure would like to have!  Also make sure too  keep her advised of all the events in The Power Magazine  http://tinyurl.com/aqbhh3
that might help her stay abreast of happening in MD & DC!


1st Black Prez!

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Praise God & Glory Halleljah! Barak Obama is now the  1st African American president in American history! All Americans have something to celebrate as we have shown the world what a great country we live in! Now it is our time to lead this country in a manner that will be an example for all nations. The 1st things that the new president should do is

1- bring peace to the middle east

2- fix the economy

3- bring the troops home from iraq

all of the above is needed but in my opinion we shold stop the bloodshed between israel and gaza!  as long as the world sees the US  supporting the planes,bombs and arms to Isreal and the being the one having all the weaponry for the bombing in iraq then we will continue to be viewed as the most powerful nation in the world but not powerful enough to turn the tide of dropping bombs on our own citizens with housing foreclosures, layoffs, bailouts, and moving from a recession to a depression. let America not only have the 1st Black president but also have the 1st peace in the middle east! the . 1st time to have health care for all. Its time for so many other 1st! what should be 1st in your opinion?


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1.  an ardent and enthusiastic supporter of some person or activity 

(a) One who imagines himself divinely inspired, or possessed of some special revelation;

Enthusiasts soon understand each other. –W. Irving.

When Power Magazine jumps in to a new technology, Power Magazine jumps in with
both feet! We are now on the wordpress platform and we hope to be a sponsor for the upcoming WordCamp Mid Atlantic 2009 -jn Baltimore!
We have been in contact with Aaron Brazell http://technosailor.com/ &
Jimmy Gardner, http://eastcoastblogging.com/ two of the organizers,
and have emailed them our below sponsor info requested.
Thanks, Jimmy for getting back to me regarding the sponsorship!
We are in the media with a magazine.
we also have a social networking site
we also have a (2) blogs
and a NEW -WORDPRESS BLOG -1hr ago
we  see this as a opportunity for us learn more about this great wordpress platform extend our brand.
also, we will be attending and probably do some blogging at the event as well as a possible write -up in the magazine! as a matter of fact this will probably be my 1st post on the the event on  my blog!
Who do we pay and where can we send our logo to ?
I am excited about coming on board to help!